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Sequences (from Gubbio) by Ronald Christ After Images by Ronald Christ Interval by Ronald Christ
Sequences (From Gubbio) After Images (from Montepulciano) Interval (From Montecastello di Vibio)
From Norcia I by Ron Christ
Sequences by Ron Christ
From Volterra III by Ron Christ
From Norcia I Sequences (From Montone) From Volterra III


Influenced by the works of master artists such as Giorgio de Chirico and Piero della Francesca, Ron Christs paintings combine elements of the abstract and the very real to create places he says are, "possible but not probable."

Dealing with themes of fate, chance, choice, cause, reason, and change Christ's paintings since 1991 have been influenced by aspects of evironments experienced, studied and documented in Italy combined with images of his own invention. "Two images have become metaphors for the playing out of these aspects of human experience. They are the stage and the game. Stage-like spaces are environments where narrative actions are played out, and game references are metaphors for the actions themselves. Figurative images are frequently positioned and scaled to suggesat stage participants or game pieces, and the frequent use of nonspecific game as part of still life elements further reinforces the tematic intent"

"It is important that the paintings have some connection to actual physical and experiential reality, but also a somewhat dreamlike, metaphysical, and surreal quality."

Christ is a painting and drawing professor at Wichita State Univeristy.

Andarko Petroleum, Houston TX
Bank of America, Olathe KS
Caterpillar Corporation, Peoria IL
Cessna Aircraft Corporation, Wichita KS
Cochran Company, Wichita KS
Comunita Montana-Valtiberina Toscana, Sansepolcro Italy
Emprise Bank, Wichita KS
Fidelity Bank, Wichita KS
Halifax Arts Council, Roanoke Rapids NC
Halifax Community College, Weldon NC
Hallmark Cards, Inc., Kansas City MO
InTrust Bank, Wichita KS
Indiana University Student Foundation, Bloomington IN
Kansas Health Foundation, Wichita KS
Koch Industries, Wichita KS
Leritz Reinert Duree, St Louis MO
Pensacola Junior College, Pensacola FL
Prairie View, Inc., Newton KS
Texas Fine Arts Association, Austin TX
United States Embassy, Sri Lanka
University of Denver, Denver CO
University of Kansas School of Medicine, Wichita KS
The Val-Agra Corporation, Wichita KS






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