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Four Entwined

September 25 — October 17, 2015

Opening Reception
as part of Innovations in Textiles 10
Friday, October 2nd from 5-8 pm

Duane Reed Gallery is pleased to present the works of four textile artists joined by a close-knit friendship. Each artist specializes in their own distinct fiber practice, from knotted teapot forms to grapefruit peel-sewn torsos. The gallery will be transformed into an exciting space surveying the leading female artists in the contemporary fiber art field.

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KATE ANDERSON uses the repetitive knotting basketry technique to construct her sculptures. Anderson’s play on high-art/ low-art is apparent in her use of the teapot as the basic structure juxtaposed with pop art imagery. Anderson’s work is included in the permanent collections at Racine Art Museum, Minnesota Museum of American Art, and Museum of Fine Art, Boston.

LINDSAY KETTERER GATES is a studio artist working out of Milford, PA. Her work showcases her mastery of diverse textile techniques as well as her reverence for fashion design from around the globe. Materials like pistachio shells and beads are woven along with mesh and wire, forming structures that invoke both elegance and curiosity. Her work is in the permanent collection of the American Embassy in the Republic of Djibouti, The Museum of Art and Design in NYC, Yale University Art Gallery as well as other international collections. She currently has work on loan in the American Embassy in Bandar Seri Begawan.

JANE BIRDSALL-LANDER’ssculptures function as “three dimensional poems.” The forms are constructed from both old and new snaths (steam-bent wood body of a scythe), combined with such materials as ebony cello pegs, glass eyes, a wooden hand, and handmade ebony spikes. She designs and binds the materials with painted waxed linen using her own wrapping technique. Birdsall-Lander received a Project Room Grant from the Forum for Contemporary Art now the Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis, among other honors.

creates primarily figurative female sculptures and, throughout her career, has been inspired by traditional craft and textiles. Hopkins uses traditional basket making materials alongside alternative materials such as grapefruit peel, cantaloupe peel, sturgeon skin, lotus pods, ostrich shell beads, and hydrangea petals. Hopkins’ work is included in the public collections at the Museum of Art and Design, New York, Museum of Fine Art Boston, Racine Art Museum, and Washington State History Museum, among others.


Kate Anderson  
Kate Anderson Marilyn-LOOK
Kate Anderson Jackie-Time
Marilyn/LOOK, 2014
knotted waxed linen, stainless steel
10.25" x 8.75" x 1.75"
Jackie/TIME, 2015
knotted waxed linen, lucite, stainless steel
9.75" x 9" x 1.75"
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Lindsay Ketterer Gates  
Lindsay Ketterer Gates Calendula
Lindsay Katterer Gates Lilly of tghe Valley
Calendula, 2015
stainless mesh, paint, coated copper wire, steel, patina
29" x 13" x 6"
Lilly of the Vallery, 2015
stainless mesh, paint, coated copper wire, steel, patina
29" x 18" x 6"
Lindsay Ketterer Gates Silver Peacock
Silver Peacock, 2015
stainless mesh, paint, coated copper & silverwire, aluminum ring
19" x 11.5" x 6"
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Jane Birdsall-Lander  
Jane Birdsall-Lander Siblings Jane Birdsall Lander Nest
Siblings, 2015
wooden snaths, wooden dowels, glass eyes, ebony points, painted waxed linen thread
84" x 18" x 6"
Nest, 2015
wooden snaths, glass eyes, painted waxed linen thread
67" x 16" x 6"
Jane Birdsall-Lander Divining Child
Divining Child, 2015
wooden snath, glass eyes, wooden viola and cello pegs, waxed linen, inlaid ebony
71" x 8" x 6"
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Jan Hopkins  
Jan Hopkins Falling
Falling, 2015
peels (grapefruit, pomegranate, melon, & cantaloupe),
leaves, yellow cedar bark, waxed linen, watch parts
38" x 15" x 9"
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