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Intersecting Narratives curated by Brian Smith

David Dolak 7 panels 21 months kitchen portrait
David Dolak 4 panels 16 months drinking

David Dolak 6 panels 17 months stripes
Jason Bly 1-Up Jason Bly Prometheus
Jason Blyh Transatlantic Token
Jason Bly Keeping the Bogeyman Out Brigham Dimick Gaylen with Blue Brigham Dimick Gaylen with Foam Blocks
Travis Russell Proposal Travis Russell Installation Boone's Crossing Travis Russell Rumor Mill
Sarah Paulsen Quilts and Order Sarah Paulsen Seen but Not Heard Sarah Paulsen Monster Mirror
Sarah Paulsen Tree of Life   Myles Keough Genahsity City

Intersecting Narratives is an exhibit of stories that have been shared and have yet to be told. These works by a diverse group of emerging Saint Louis artists forecasts a mixture of hope and unease that is reflective of contemporary culture. Each artists personal experiences and ideas resonate with a collective sense of memory.

Sarah Paulsen's and David Dolak's paintings include layered forms and themes of family. Energy appears to tingle and radiate from Myles Keough's "landscapes. " Highly saturated colors surround iconic industrial machinery in Jason Bly's work. And Travis Russell's inventive art is a mix of painting, printmaking, sculpture and installation.

Intersecting Narratives brings together the artistic styles of the past, the art of the streets and the flurry of energy found in popular media - online, in magazines and TV. This mashed up set of layers is not just a pastiche of forms for their own sake. Each artist moves beyond irony and acknowledges a collision of feelings and multiple approaches to the use of traditional forms. Their thoughtful narratives are carefully rendered, considered and intersect both individually and collectively to form this exciting exhibition.



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