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Beth Lo


Beth Lo Float Beth Lo Wedding Portrait
"My work in ceramics and mixed media collage revolves primarily around issues of family and my Asian-American background.  Cultural marginality and blending, tradition and Westernization, language and translation are key elements in my work.  Since the birth of my son in 1987, I have been drawing inspiration from major events in my family’s history, the day-to-day challenges of parenting, and my own childhood memories of being raised in a minority culture in the United States.  I also enjoy investigating, celebrating and sometimes satirizing traditional Asian aesthetics, including calligraphy, origami, scrolls, Socialist Realist artwork, Chinese souvenirs and toys, the game of mahjong, as well as Ming and Tang dynasty ceramics." - Artist Statement Beth Lo


1974 MFA, Ceramics, University of Montana
1971 BGS, General Studies, University of Michigan
1972 Ceramics, Eastern Michigan University

Selected Collections

Cheney Cowles Museum of Art
Hallmark Card Corporation Ceramics Collection
Knaston McShine, New York NY
Microsoft Corporation
Missoula Museum of Arts
University of Montana Permanent Collection
University of Washington Medical Center, Seattle
Yellowstone Art Center, Billings MI


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314.361.4102 (fax)

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