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Ethan Meyer

Ethan Meyer 32Slsongsogol65
Ethan Meyer 5-Orthoplex
Ethan Meyer Descending into Matter
Ethan Meyer I am the Moon Ethan Meyer The Great everything Ethan Meyer Emerging Archetype Structures

Ethan Meyer Looking into the Sun


Ethan Meyer White Lightening

Ethan Meyer gungnir
Ethan Meyer Rise ov the Numerous
Ethan Meyer Oblisserator
Ethan Meyer Offspring of Anu
Ethan Meyer Cereus
Ethan Meyer The Shadow of a Hyperspatial Object

Meyer’s work explores the play between the internal and external aspects of reality as they relate to both mind and spirit. Visually, his work explores the landscapes of consciousness that are continuously morphing and shifting, reflecting our own ever changing state of being. Influenced by Western and Eastern Philosophy, the work explores the mystery that is the sentient condition.

Using markings that are both frenetic and spatially dense, Meyer is able to create a web of color and exploration that becomes a visionary and thought provoking play with surface and organic overtones.

Duane Reed Gallery’s Emerging Artist programming is an important endeavor to provide the visibility and opportunity to talented young artists that are creating their own distinct point of view. Ethan Meyer has been chosen as one of those that embraces the dedication necessary to stand out.

Ethan Meyer


2013 BA, Studio Art, Webster University, St. Louis, MO

Selected Exhibitions

2017  Duane Reed Gallery, St. Louis, MO
2016  SCOPE Miami, Duane Reed Galler


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