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Amy Rueffert

Amy Rueffert Woodland Rabbit

Amy Rueffert Teacup Rabbit

Amy Ruieffert Rabbit w Flowers in Flowers

Amy Rueffert Patchwork Pill (Babies: Day and Night) Amy Rueffert Conjoined Rabbits Amy Rueffert Patchwork Pill (The Battle of Bunker Hill)
Patchwork Pill (The Battle of Bunker Hill)
Amy Rueffert Bouquet with Fly


Amy Rueffert Apple (Prayers & Flowers)

Amy Rueffert Pear (Cats & Dogs)
Amy Rueffert Pear (Babies & Ingredients)



Amy Rueffert Gumdrop

Amy Reuffert Cherry (Babe in Woods)
Amy Rueffert
Amy Rueffert is an independent glass artist residing in Urbana, IL. She earned a B.F.A. from Massachusetts College of Art in Boston. Since then, she has pursued independent studies at Ohio State University, Pilchuck Glass School, and Haystack Mountain School of Crafts as a scholarship student and a Teaching Assistant. Her educational pursuits have also taken her to Sweden, where she researched factory glassmaking on a grant awarded by the Swedish Embassy in New York City. She has studied with and worked alongside renowned artists Carmen Lozar, Jennifer Umphress, Kait Rhoads, and Ron Nagle.

Amy Rueffert’s modern-day curios are inspired by Victorian decorative art objects, which are known for their orderliness and ornamentation, as well as their tendency to mix characteristics from past stylistic eras. Rueffert’s work has been recognized in New Glass Review (1995, 1998, 2006-09), and she was awarded a merit prize in the Elizabeth R. Rafael Founder’s Exhibition. Her work was selected for the 2007 International Exhibition of glass in Kanazawa, Japan and was also in a group exhibition titled “Flora” at the Glasmuseet Ebeltoft in Denmark in 2010.

2006 Master of Fine Arts in Studio Art, Mills College, Oakland, CA
1991-98 Bachelor of Fine Arts in Glass, Massachusetts College of Art, Boston, MA

2014   Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY
2013   Habitat Gallert, Royal Oak, MI
           William Traver Gallery, Seattle, WA
2011   Westmont Museum of Art, Santa Barbara, CA
           William Traver Gallery, Seattle, WA
2010   Glasmuseet Ebeltoft, Denmark
           Ken Saunders Gallery, Chicago, IL
2009   Virgrette Gallery, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, IL
           Wakeley Gallery, Illinois Wesleyan University, Bloomington, IL
2008   William Traver Gallery, Seattle, WA
           SOFA Chicago, Elliott Brown Gallery, Chicago, IL
2007   The International Exhibition of Glass Kanazaw,
           Design Center Ishikawa, Kanazawa, Japan
2003   Bellevue Art Museum, Bellevue, WA
2002   Vetri International Glass, Seattle, WA
2001   Bubba-Mavis Gallery; Seattle, WA

Arkansas Art Center, Little Rock, AK
Corning Museum of Glass, Corning, NY
Design Center Ishikawa, Kanazawa, Japan
Glassmuseet Ebeltoft, Denmark
Shanghai Museum of Glass, Shanghai, China
Tacoma Museum of Glass, Tacoma, WA


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