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Francesco Lo Castro

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Stolen Countach

Italian-born Francesco Lo Castro grew up in Germany and has been active in the South Florida art scene for more than a decade. His work has an international audience and widespread appeal. The artist delves further into his Geometry series with a new body of mixed-media work and video animation. In these latest pieces, Lo Castro employs unorthodox painting techniques that involve the intricate layering of pigment and resin to achieve a heightened sense of dimension and depth.

What at first glance appears to be the result of countless hours spent with graphic design software is revealed at closer examination to be meticulously handcrafted combinations of acrylic, spray paint, epoxy resin and even gold leaf applied on wood.

These colorful compositions depict a kaleidoscopic vision, dense with movement and a combination of explosiveness and strict order, vibrancy and dreaminess, power and release. The accompanying video animations explore a further imagining of the paintings as threedimensional environments. Feeling frenetic and alive, Lo Castro’s bright and shifting allegorical architectures present fleeting moments of harmony and dissonance as an immersive experience.

Francesco Lo Castro has the heart of a painter and the mind of a twenty-first century philosopher. His recent body of work explores subjects in the metaphysical and existential realms, which he conveys through a visual language that is both accessible and complex. Through the use of shapes, colors, symmetry, layers and movement, Lo Castro presents his
work across a platform that transcends the diversity of the human experience. There is a meditative quality beneath his paintings, which is brought to life in subtle video movement. Each painting is constructed through symmetrical layers that are slowly stripped away to reveal a nucleus within a configuration that reflects the invisible structures that define our experience.


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