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Greg Pettit

Greg Pettit Finer Forces
Greg Pettit The Endless Ritual
Greg Pettit Triple Whammy

Greg Pettit is a contemporary artist from Austin, TX. Influenced by Futurism, Surrealism, Sci-fi illustration, and psychedelic aesthetics, his paintings are an ambiguous and baffling celebration of universal form.

Working primarily in acrylics, his paintings depict fantastic vibrating landscapes, machine-like astral automatons, and quasi religious alien iconography. Developing from a process that blends traditional observational painting skills with hypnagogic projection, Greg has created a style he describes as augmented still life, an approach that evenly utilizes both self-conscious and subconscious brain functions, producing paintings that blend seamlessly between tightly rendered realism and patterned, energetic mark making. Laying down form with brushes and airbrush, a spacial flux is arrived at where object and environment seem spun from a single material, functioning as one interconnected loop of energy exchange.

“My compositions are usually determined by narrowing in on some satisfying and unpredictable moment in a still-life set up I've created. I collect mundane objects, strip them down and paint them, and reassemble them into novel forms and environments. By decontextualizing my references I free them from any outer meaning or purpose. They function as a surrogate for me to impregnate with my own hallucinatory language. The objects provide enough in terms of lighting and corporeal form for me to add a sense of realism into what I do that would be harder to arrive at purely out of the imagination. I feel like this process gives me an avenue to work out this idea that there is a rhythmic, patterned structure of energy that underpins natural form and human design, as if our brains urge us to create things that conform to the design principles of natural law. From the evolution of stars and galaxies, to the structure of complex biological organisms, to the technological achievements of the human imagination, I feel like I'm honing in on some ubiquitous principle of pattern and organization that serves as an invisible template for all invention. I also try to have fun. I'm trying to take a deep idea but do something kind of ridiculous with it. ”


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