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Duane Reed Gallery
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Portals & Dimensions

A group exhibition
curated by Ethan Meyer

June 8th — August 5th

“Present day reality offers the artist new inspirations, fears, and existential conflicts. Faced with a rapidly expanding and all encompassing technological evolution and a level of interconnectivity never before experienced in human history, the aesthetic of this show represents what I view as a Contemporary Futurist movement; informed also by the history of Maximalism and Abstract Expressionism.

The Artist is in a particularly interesting position to react and resist the nihilism that comes from abandoning our biology for a purely technocentric model of viewing reality, or to integrate and transcend the dichotomy of nature verses artificial intelligence.

Francesco Lo Castro, David Fratu, Benjamin Lowder, and Greg Pettit are all on the cutting edge of this philosophical and aesthetic unfolding and discovery. Exploring and reacting to this new reality with their own visual repertoires; they are the visionaries and pioneers of our collective future.” - Show Statement


Benjamin Lowder | Francesco Lo Castro

Greg Pettit | David Fratu

click either the artist name or image to see examples of works in the exhibition

Jake Amason Eclipse
Zach Jackson Backcountry
Stephen Kruse Oops All Berries
Benjamin Lowder Bitflake Francesco Lo Castro
David Fratu Celestial Divide   Greg Pettit

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