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Art Talk with Ceramicist Steven Young Lee
By Paulette Beete
National Endowment for the Arts:
Art Works Blog (Jan 2017)
Steven Young Lee Crafts Perfectly Imperfert Pottery
By Alex Palmer
Smithsonian Magazine:
Visions and Revisions: Renwick Invitational (2016)
Tools from the Sideways Universe:
Howard Jones

By Joyce Lovelace
American Craft Magazine
(December/January 2019)

Creative Rituals: Irina Zaytceva
By Sandra Evertson
Where Women Create (June/July 2018)

Gather Ye Rosebuds While Ye May: Jeffrey Vaughn
By Kelly Compton
Fine Art Conniesseur (June 2018)
At Home in the World: Calvin Ma
By Gussie Fauntleroy
American Craft Magazine (April/May 2018)
Hot Glass Studio Profile:
Reflecting Our Common Humanity
Jenny Pohlman and Sabrina Knowles
by Shawn Waggoner
Glass Art (January/February 2018)

Night and Day: Jiyong Lee
By Sebby Wilson Jacobson
American Craft Magazine
(October/November 2013)

Havana: Michael Eastman
Introduction by Achy Obejas and
Interview by Vicki Goldberg
Prestel (2011)
Rudy Autio
By Louana M. Lackey and Rudy Autio

American Ceramic Society (April 2002)

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